streaming TIME

Ryuichi Sakamoto, Shiro Takatani
length: 1:13 hour
language: Japanese with English subtitles
registration: 17 June (dress rehearsal) and 18 June (world premiere)
location: Gashouder, Westergas (Amsterdam)

A dreamer sits by the grave of a deceased woman and loses all sense of time. Only when she turns into a white lily does he realise a hundred years have passed. Inspired by the surreal first story from Soseki Natsume’s collection of short stories Yume jūya (‘Ten Nights of Dreams’) from 1908, the composer and Holland Festival associate artist Ryuichi Sakamoto teamed up with director and visual artist Shiro Takatani to make a dreamlike opera. Taking inspiration from a Mugen Noh – traditional Japanese dance theatre with magical elements –  Sakamoto explores the phenomenon of time and the relationship between humankind and nature. Against a dreamlike backdrop that seems to go on forever, the dancer Min Tanaka portrays ‘humanity’, and shō player Mayumi Miyata represents ‘nature’ through movement and sound/music. Sakamoto: ‘We live and we die. And after we die, our body becomes part of the next being. This is samsara itself, the life circle of life on earth. In dreams, those temporal structures are not linear. Everything is condensed’.


sound, concept Ryuichi Sakamoto
visual design, concept Shiro Takatani
dancer Min Tanaka
shō player Mayumi Miyata
noh flute Late Rokurobyoe Fujita, the 11th (recorded in June, 2018)
lighting design Yukiko Yoshimoto
media authoring/programming Ken Furudate, Satoshi Hama, Ryo Shiraki
costume Sonya Park
production manager Simon MacColl
stage manager Nobuaki Oshika
front of house engineer ZAK
sound engineer Takeo Watanabe
filming assistant Shuta Shimmyo
graphic design assistant for video Takuya Minami
lighting assistant Kazuya Yoshida
manager to Min Tanaka Rin Ishihara (Madada Inc.)
additional audio engineer Alec Fellman (Kab America Inc.)
additional assistant audio engineer Maria Takeuchi (Kab America Inc.), Makoto Kondo (office INTENZIO)
additional support Mai Yuda (Kab Inc.)
English translation of Dream #1 from Ten Nights of Dreams by Natsume Soseki and KANTAN Sam Bett
Modern Japanese translation of KANTAN Rurihiko Hara
English translation of The Butterfly Dream Neo S. Sora
Special thanks to Dr. Shin-Ichi Fukuoka for his advice during the conceptualization of the project
production Richard Castelli, Norika Sora, Yoko Takatani
coproduction Holland Festival, deSingel, Manchester International Festival
developed in collaboration with Dumb Type Office, KAB America Inc., Epidemic
production & tour management Richard Castelli, Florence Berthaud (Epidemic)
supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan through the Japan Arts Councilless