Grote Zaal

1:00 pm Kronos Quartet & Masha Vahdat
For the first concert in the Main Hall, Kronoswill fi rst share the stage with the Iranian singer Mahsa Vahdat. She is one of the most influential singers and performers of Persian vocal music. Accompanied by Kronos, she will be singing her own songs and settings of texts by classical Persian poets. The Kronos Quartet is also performing the world premiere of one of the newest commissions from the Fift y for the Future project: Little Black Book by the American electronic producer Jlin, renowned for her dark and futuristic music. Her debut album Black Origami was hailed the best electronic album of the year by Rolling Stone in 2017.

3:45 pm Ragazze Plays Kronos Classics with Kapok
If there is a Dutch string quartet as adventurous as the Kronos Quartet and as eager to explore the discipline’s boundaries, then it is the Ragazze Quartet. At last year’s festival the quartet performed George Crumb’s Black Angels, one of the first compositions in Kronos’s repertoire. In this concert Ragazze will perform its other favourite Kronos classics, including works by composers such as Aleksandra Vrebalov, Terry Riley (with Kapok) and Carlos Paredes (arr. Osvaldo Golijov).

6:15 pm Kronos Quartet & Vân-Ánh Võ & Jherek Bischoff 
Vân-Ánh Võ is a Vietnamese-American musician and Emmy Award winning composer who combines traditional Vietnamese instruments with influences from around the world. Together with Kronos, she will take the audience on a musical journey through Vietnam. In the second half of the concert the Kronos Quartet will share the stage with the American musician and composer Jherek Bischoff, who has been described as ‘the connecting factor’ between pop, rock and classical music. 

9:00 pm Kronos Quartet & Trio Da Kali 
The highlight of the full-day of the Kronos Quartet at the Muziekgebouw is Kronos’ concert with the Malian Trio Da Kali. 
Please note: For this concert you need to order a separate ticket (sold out).

setlist Kronos Quartet / Ragazze