2:30 pm Jherek Bischoff, stargaze strings
The composer and multi-instrumentalist Jherek Bischoff has collaborated with the Kronos Quartet, David Byrne, Robert Wilson and Neil Gaiman. His work spans a variety of genres such as pop, indie rock, classical music and ambient music. At this concert he will performs his works backed by Stargaze Strings, four players from the ensemble stargaze – which will alsof perform together with Jherek Bischoff in Tribute to Blackstar at the Holland Festival Proms

5:00 pm Trio Da Kali 
In this session, Trio Da Kali plays songs from their own repertoire of contemporary griot music. The Malian trio consists of Hawa Kasse Mady Diabaté (vocals), Mamadou Kouyaté (bass ngoni) and Fodé Lassana Diabaté (balafon). ‘Da kali’ means ‘to swear an oath’, in this case the oath of the griot (a kind of bard and custodian of history) to continue this tradition.

7:45 pm Masterclass David Harrington with Pelargos Kwartet
David Harrington, founder and artistic director of the Kronos Quartet, is giving a public masterclass. He has been working with composers and musicians from all over the world for more than forty years. Under his supervision the Pelargos Kwartet is working on Ken Benshoof’s Sweeter Than Wine, a work from Kronos’s Fifty for the Future repertoire.