Thonik to design new brand identity Holland Festival

After an extensive selection process, the Holland Festival has chosen the design agency Thonik to develop the festival's new brand identity. Cherishing a rich history of brand design, the Holland Festival aims to maintain its tradition of being exceptional and unique in its communications with a new identity for the next ten years. Under the leadership of Nikki Gonnissen and Thomas Widdershoven, Thonik will also design the festival campaigns in the years to come.

The Holland Festival has a tradition that every artistic director establishes his or her own brand identity. With Ruth Mackenzie following in the footsteps of Pierre Audi as artistic director, a new era has begun for the festival and also therefore for its brand identity.

Thonik has been commissioned to create a design which shows the Holland Festival's high artistic quality and uniqueness, while at the same time appealing to a broad audience.
“We are honoured to have received this commission. Having major names such as Anthon Beeke, Total Design, Wim Crouwel, Studio Dumbar, Laboratorium, Maureen Mooren and Daniël van der Velden and Dick Elffers as our predecessors, this is a project at the heart of Dutch graphic design culture,” says Nikki Gonnissen.

Ruth Mackenzie and the Holland Festival have made the decision to work with Thonik, because they present an innovative, intelligent and contemporary style whilst respecting the design tradition. Ruth Mackenzie: “In their designs Thonik show that they are able to convey the broad range of emotions which a world class festival such as the Holland Festival represents.”

The new brand identity will be ready in the spring of 2015.