Patrice Chéreau passed away

The Holland Festival recalls director Patrice Chéreau. Yesterday evening he passed away in Paris.

“Patrice Chéreau has been for many artists working in theatre, opera and film an inspiring visionary. In all three art forms he has brought fresh insights that will have lasting effects on generations of makers to come. I was privileged to have known him well all my working life. We shared a close friendship with playwright Bernard Marie Koltès. For 20 years I dreamed of bringing his work to Amsterdam. This great privilege came as an offering to the City on the 60th Anniversary of the Holland Festival. Janacek's From the House of the Dead - conducted by Chéreau's close friend and collaborator Pierre Boulez and coproduced by the Festiva - was presented three weeks after its world premiere as opening of the anniversary edition in Het Muziektheater. After waiting very long, too long, the Dutch audience was lucky to have experienced one of the finest opera productions he ever made. A great artist has passed away too early.” – Pierre Audi