Digital programme

Where all social media and digital performances of the Holland Festival meet.

  • The Transmigration of Morton F.

    In The Transmigration of Morton F. the worlds of opera, ritual and computer-gaming coalesce. Commissioned by the Holland Festival, director Sjaron Minailo and composer Anat Spiegel’s creation is a fully digital music theatre performance.

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  • The Book of Sand

    From Sunday 4 p.m. you can view Michel van der Aa's digital, interactive song cycle, inspired by the fantastical stories of Jorge Luis Borges.

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  • House in your House

    Saturday night from 11 p.m. Dutch top dj's Joost van Bellen, De Sluwe Vos, Falco Benz, Riptide and Mike Mago will bring the best music for a dance party at your house!

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